Enjoying Retirement in Florida

After years of enduring those cold winters up north, you decide to sell your house and move down to Florida. Maybe you will want to live in a luxury condo in Naples, or maybe you would prefer a more active lifestyle in the Central Florida community of The Villages. Whether you want to live in a large metropolitan area like Tampa or on a golf course in Ft. Myers, you need money and a way to generate income.

Time to Relax

Sources of income

  • Work
  • Social Security
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Invest in the stock market
  • Annuities

Can you guess which option will serve you best in retirement? If you have to work because Social Security simply does not provide enough monthly income, are you really living the kind of retirement you want? Taking the money from the sale of your house or your retirement plan and buying CDs will yield you a paltry rate of return. Stocks may look good now, but you are putting what should be your safe money at risk. As an alternative to low paying bank CDs and risky stocks, annuities can be the best way to generate the income you need.

Don’t outlive your money

Living a long, happy, and healthy life is what we all want. However, in the back of our minds is the fear that we will deplete our savings and, at some point, not have the money we need to maintain our lifestyle. A hybrid annuity or a longevity annuity can provide guaranteed lifetime income. What this means is that you can count on receiving a monthly check for however long you may live.

With a hybrid annuity (equity indexed annuity), you receive a guaranteed annual rate of return and can participate in the gains of the stock market. When the market has a positive annual return, you participate in the gains and earn a higher annual return.

A longevity annuity, also called a Deferred Single Payment Immediate Annuity, allows you to target the date you want to start receiving income. You know exactly, to the penny, what your monthly payout will be.

Annuity returns

You probably are curious about current annuity rates and how much income you can actually earn by buying an annuity. We are here to answer your questions about fixed annuity rates, and advise you on the best fixed index annuity that you can buy.

From Naples to Sarasota and from Tampa to The Villages, we can help you find the right annuity whether you have $100,000 or $1,000,000 to invest. Click on the orange button to the right for your free annuity quote and get started on securing your financial future.

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