Annuity Returns

Trying to find a safe and suitable investment to generate sufficient income during retirement has been a challenge in recent years. If you look back in history during the Carter Administration, it was pretty easy to find a safe certificate of deposit that yielded an annual return of over 10 percent. Annuity returns have historically been higher than the returns on CDs and that holds true today.

Finding Annuity Return Plan

While annuity yields today reflect the current low interest rate environment, it is possible to get annuity returns approaching the 1980 CD yields of around 10 percent. It is not a secret, but many investors do not know about the potentially high annuity yields you can get by picking the best index annuity.

Characteristics of an index annuity

  • Investors are guaranteed a minimum annual rate of return
  • Your investment is linked to an equity index, typically the S & P 500 Index
  • When the stock market goes up, you receive additional interest that is added to your guaranteed annual interest rate
  • When the stock market goes down, you never lose any money
  • In return for the guarantee that you will never lose any money in a down market, you only participate in some of the gains of a rising market

If you are like most other people looking for a way to generate income in retirement, you have undoubtedly explored a number of different options. Stocks may be too risky for you. You cannot get enough yield on certificates of deposit. Instead of being frustrated in your search to secure a decent monthly income for your retirement, take a close look at the highest index annuity you can find.

Finding the best index annuity that has the potential to yield double or triple the current two or three percent returns you can get on CDs or Treasuries sounds like a dream come true. Talk to us. We can find the highest index annuity and help make your dreams come true.

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