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John G. Ziesing, CEO of Advanced Capital Management, Inc, has been protecting and growing his clients’ wealth, and assets since 1986. His practice has thrived on making a complex world of products and choices simple and effective in achieving the kind of lifestyles his clients desire both now and throughout retirement. Born and raised in Florida, John feels a special commitment to helping Florida’s retirees build their wealth and preserve their hard earned assets for over 27 years. John enjoys the Florida lifestyle of boating, fishing and diving with friends, clients and family.  Spending time in the Keys for Lobster Season and Homosassa for Scallop Season.

Wealth Protection

Retirement planning is a matter of understanding effective wealth protection tactics and ensuring your portfolio is diverse enough to overcome market fluctuations. Two popular options are fixed index annuities and life insurance. Understanding how these methods of investing fit into your overall investment strategy is critical. 

What is a fixed index annuity?

A fixed index annuity is a contract where there are three parties involved. They are:

Insurance company – the company that issues the annuity
Contract owner – also known as the annuitant
Beneficiary – person or persons who would collect the death benefit associated with the annuity 

What makes a fixed index annuity a good investment?

In addition to offering security, since the policy is based on the strength of the insurer, there are other reasons why these instruments make a good investment. These may include:

Tax-deferred income – Income from these investments is not taxable until such time as it is withdrawn

Principal security – Because you are not purchasing stocks or funds, your principal value is secure

Death benefit – If you outlive your payments under your annuity, your beneficiary may collect the death benefit without probate

How does a fixed income annuity work?

When you initially invest in this instrument, you and your investment advisor will allocate your investment to specific interest rate indexes. In general, fixed index annuities have maximum caps on interest. If your investment result is positive, your interest payment will be added to the balance of your annuity. If your investment result is negative, you simply would have no earned interest for that period of time. The payments are based on the amount of your investment. Payments may include a principal amount as well as interest portion of your investment. You should discuss payout options with your investment advisor to ensure you are making the most of this wealth protection asset. In most cases, the waiting period before you can begin withdrawal of funds is one to ten years. Prior to these dates, there may be steep surrender charges.

How does life insurance work for investing?

Purchasing life insurance is nearly always a good investment. Some policies offer a “cash value” which you can draw from the policy once it is fully funded. Depending on the terms of the policy, drawing the cash value may not diminish the death benefit. While these policies generally cost more upfront, the longer term benefits may outweigh the additional cost. For most people, being able to have the security of being able to draw funds from the policy at retirement is a good way to build a cushion. Like an annuity, the most risk you will be taking is if you need to cash your policy in before it fully matures. Surrender charges can be very significant and diminish your principal value. When using a life insurance policy for an investment vehicle, you need to be aware of costs, surrender charges and other expenses associated with the policy.

In most cases, life policies and annuities are good investment vehicles to consider for high-income individuals. Annuities and life insurance policies are investment tools that can help preserve your principal while offering growth. Additionally, they may also provide you the opportunity to have secure income in retirement to supplement your social security payments. Your local Advanced Capital Management representative can help you compare annuities to determine if these investment vehicles are suited to your needs.

Advanced Capital Management, Inc. can show you how to get better returns on your retirement dollars and provide you with the income you need. Why not find out more about how a lifetime income annuity rider works? It costs you nothing to find out if a Fixed Index Annuity or Life Insurance is the right option for you. Just click on the orange “Get Annuity Quote” button to the right and see how you can generate more income, safely, for your retirement.


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