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An Investment Philosophy That’s Rooted In Research And Experience

Since 1997, Advanced Capital Management (ACM) has served hundreds of people in Florida- including business owners, individuals, retired couples, families, and many more. Our broad range of annuity and retirement products and services reflects our commitment to helping you protect your lifestyle, build your wealth, and preserve those hard-earned assets for you and your family’s future.

Since every life situation is unique, we continually research new products and services, to give us the broadest number of options for tailoring a financial plan that perfectly suits your needs.

Our Professionals

Your local ACM professional will work closely with you to create a comprehensive insurance based financial solution, that exceeds your financial goals. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, we craft a long term personalized plan that ensures your assets work in concert, carefully preserving principal and maximizing return for you and your family.

Trusted Help

Over the years, we’ve maintained a well-established reputation for giving our clients exceptional personal service. We’ll gladly sit down with you to help you evaluate your needs and show you how ACM can build real financial strength and security for you too. Expert guidance from professionals you can trust. Just give us a call.

Fixed-Indexed Annuities (FIA)

In Florida the index annuity concept offers many features of a traditional Fixed Annuity, it has a rather unique feature that allows a potential of stock market-linked growth without the potential of any market-type loss. In contrast to a securities-type product or mutual fund where the investor bears the market risk, the Index Annuity concept insulates the contract holder from any risk of market downturns.

Indexed Annuities combine the key benefits of fixed and variable annuities to offer guaranteed principal protection with the potential for stock market gains. FIA returns are generally tied to the performance of a stock market index – usually the S&P 500, which represents a broad cross-section of industries. When stocks climb, the annuity’s return reflects the rising value of the index to which it Is linked. But if stocks tumble, the worst the investment can do is earn 0% interest or a guaranteed minimum rate if one is offered. In this way, the principal balance is sheltered from potential losses. FIA returns can be structured in several different ways. With one popular method, the issuing insurance company pays a certain percentage of the gain made by the index to which the annuity is linked. This percentage is called the participation rate. If the participation rate on an annuity is 70% and the index to which it is linked rises 8%, the resulting gain for the investor would be 5.6% (70% x 8%). For many investors, a few percentage points is a small price to pay for the added security of guaranteed principal. Although most FIA’s are linked to the S&P 500 you may be able to link your annuity return to an index that is more or less aggressive, depending on your risk tolerance and goals.

Fixed-Indexed Annuities

A FIA is a Fixed Annuity that credits interest or provides benefits relative to the performance or a market index, such as the S&P 500. Fixed Index Annuities credit interest using a formula based on changes in the value of an index. The amount of interest varies with the crediting rate strategy you select and the corresponding participation rate and cap or spread. You’re always protected by a minimum interest guarantee and, should the underlying index decline in value, you preserve your principal and all previous gains.

Reallocating some of your assets to ACM and Fixed Indexed Annuities may provide many additional opportunities and choices for your money.

Fixed Annuity

A prudent plan shouldn’t rely solely on future Social Security to pay for an individual’s retirement years. One way to accumulate additional assets for retirement income is an annuity. The money in an annuity has the potential to create an additional source of retirement income that can supplement Social Security. Assets placed in an annuity can even provide a variety of income streams. This Is one reason many individuals use annuities to help them achieve their long-term financial goals, including retirement income.

A Fixed Annuity offers reliable guarantees and tax deferral to shield your retirement money from disadvantages of market fluctuation. You pay no income tax on earnings until they are withdrawn or distributed, which puts you in control of when you pay taxes.

Income Annuity

Fewer employers offer traditional defined benefit pensions plans that many Americans used to rely on for retirement. And while Social Security may provide some income, you can’t depend on it to supply all your retirement needs. The bottom line: People like you are more responsible for your retirement than previous generations. At the same time, your life expectancy is increasing through better health and active living. Bottom line: The retirement assets you are now responsible for have to last longer.

So what do you do? ACM offers you a solution. A lifetime Annuity Income Rider. This optional rider, available for purchase with many FIAs, are designed to provide you with guaranteed lifetime income.

Individuals are living healthier, more active and longer lives than ever before, which means it is time to change the way we look at retirement. ACM can help you plan an income that lasts throughout your retirement. Its benefits give you the edge by helping you prepare today for all of your tomorrows.

Strategies outlined in a new study could sharply lengthen the amount of time a nest egg survives in retirement. The recently released study by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Financial Institutions Center, finds that so-called income annuities can assure retirees of an income stream for life at a cost as much as 40% less than a traditional stock, bond and cash mix. The study was co-sponsored by New York Life Insurance Co., which sells annuities. Income annuities are insurance contracts destined to pay back not only a return on investment, but also a portion of the original principal with each payment. The payout occurs over your life expectancy, but if you live longer you continue to receive payments. Those who die earlier than their life expectancy effectively subsidize those who live longer.

Advanced Capital Management, Inc. can show you how to get better returns on your retirement dollars and provide you with the income you need. Why not find out more about how a lifetime income annuity rider works? It costs you nothing to find out if a Fixed Index Annuity is the right option for you. Just click on the orange “Get Annuity Quote” button to the right and see how you can generate more income, safely, for your retirement.



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